Halo and Welcome

My name is Bara and I am your Marketing „sorceress“.

Someone who can take your business and turn it around in a way it will leave you speechless.

Don't you believe me?

Well you are reading now, aren't you?

Marketing is not just about advertisements and anoying emails with sales…

It is your public image.

It is a strategy.

It is you and your customers.

It is not about selling your stuff but about building relationships

and creating a Name for your brand.

And to do this you need someone like me.

Someone who can think out of the box and make the Magic happen.

Trust me, good Marketing sometimes seems like Magic


Consulting and Advisory

We all need to hear opinion of a neutral third party sometimes. Especialy if the third party is a specialist in the field.

Copywriting and SEO

Target oriented and personal made to suit You and your needs. I write Texts that are for people and at the same time are optimized for the search engine (SEO).

Influencer Marketing

Do not underestimate the power of well known. Look at Paris Hilton, it's her name that sells not what she does.

Public Relations

You need to creat relationship with your customers and maintain it. As well as to create apropriate public image.

Marketing Strategies

Every product has its user. You just need to know how to find and adress them.

Content Creation

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Newspapers, Magazines. And much more, they all need content like photos, videos, gafics, so that they can work for you.



Barbora Lažanská


Reg. Nr. (IČ): 87093804